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Linked Resources

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Guidelines for Managing Advanced HIV Disease and Rapid Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy.

World Health Organization, 2017.

Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in Adults and Adolescents Living With HIV.

US Department of Health and Human Services, 2017 (last updated March 2018).

HIV Testing Guidelines.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2018.

Clinical Resources

90–90–90: An Ambitious Treatment Target to Help End the AIDS Epidemic.

Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), 2014.


Emory University Rollins School of Public Health, Gilead Sciences, Inc., and the Center for AIDS Research at Emory University (CFAF), 2018.

Database of Antiretroviral Drug Interactions.

HIV InSite. University of California, San Francisco, 2018.

Harm Reduction Coalition.


HEP Drug Interactions.

University of Liverpool, 2018.

Patient Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): HIV Basics

The CDC is a division within the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans. This comprehensive site provides extensive links to topics across the HIV-care continuum, including PrEP.

Project Inform

Project Inform provides up-to-date information to help people living with HIV and HCV make the best choices regarding their treatment and care.

Hepatitis C and HIV Coinfection Booklets

Sex-C: Sex and Hepatitis C Prevention Tips for Gay Men

Sexual Transmission of Hepatitis C: A Guide for HIV-Positive Gay Men

Positively Aware

Positively Aware, created by TPAN (Test Positive Aware Network), is a source of HIV-treatment news for consumers, as well as an educational tool for HIV caregivers. The site features PrEP resources, including videos for MSM and transgender people.

Smartphone Pill Reminder Apps (Free)

Mango Health — Medicine Manager, Pill Reminder for iPhone

Mango Health for Android

Medisafe Pill Reminder, RX and Medicine Tracker for iPhone

Medisafe Meds and Pill Reminder for Android

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